Apple Releases ProRes QuickTime Decoder 1.0 – ProRes for Everyone!

From Mac Rumors:

Apple today released ProRes QuickTime Decoder 1.0, which allows Mac and PC users to view Apple ProRes files through QuickTime. ProRes, released as part of Final Cut Pro 6 in April 2007, is a post-production format targeted at video editors and offering uncompressed high-definition quality at standard-definition file sizes.
The Apple ProRes QuickTime Decoder software allows both Mac and Windows users to play Apple ProRes files through QuickTime. Apple ProRes is a visually lossless format that provides uncompressed HD quality at SD data rates.

It is an excellent choice for mastering and can easily be transcoded to distribution formats like H.264. With new support for playback on both Mac and Windows computers, Apple ProRes can also be used for review and approval of Final Cut Studio sequences.

Apple previously published a white paper (PDF) detailing the features and benefits of the format.

The update is available in a Mac version weighing in at 369 KB and requiring OS X 10.4 or 10.5 and a Windows version weighing in at 273 KB and requiring Windows XP (SP2) or later. Both versions also require QuickTime 7.5 or later.