Apple releases Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6

The latest version includes new features that improve every step of video post-production — from import through editing to delivery.

Almost every missing feature has been added, this is a very, very exciting update. Here is a quick look at what’s new:

Multichannel Audio Editing
Edit multichannel audio faster than ever. A simple keystroke reveals separate audio channels when you need them and collapses them when you don’t — right in the timeline. Easily disable individual channels or select ranges for fine control of timing and volume. And access the Inspector to view details of any audio file, rename individual channels, or hide them in the timeline.

Unified Import
Use the new single-window interface to import from all sources, including file-based video cameras, DSLRs, external hard drives, and network locations. Choose the customizable List view to display a variety of clip metadata, or switch to Filmstrip view for a visual representation of all your footage. Even add commonly used locations to the Favorites sidebar for fast access.

Streamlined Share
Deliver your work faster than ever from Final Cut Pro. Choose from export presets optimized for a wide range of uses — including iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Or build custom settings in Compressor and easily access them in Final Cut Pro. Export an entire project, a single clip, or a selected range in your project or event. Bundle multiple destinations to deliver different versions of the same project in a single step. And add Chapter Markers right in Final Cut Pro to quickly move between sections within a QuickTime file, DVD, or Blu-ray disc.

Dual Viewers
Compare shots and match action by enabling a second viewer on demand, which displays the media you skim, select, and play in your Event Browser. You can choose to show video scopes for both viewers, making it easy to grade and match footage.

RED Camera Support
Import RED media directly into Final Cut Pro X and start editing right away with native support for .r3d files. Convert to either ProRes 4444 or ProRes Proxy in the background while you work, and use the optional RED ROCKET card to accelerate transcode, render, and playback. Even adjust essential debayer and color settings to get the look you need without leaving Final Cut Pro.

MXF Plug-in Support
Work natively with MXF files using third-party plug-ins by developers including Hamburg Pro Media and Calibrated Software. Import MXF files from your media library, archive, or other video source and export directly from Final Cut Pro in the MXF format.

Copy and Paste Attributes
Easily copy and paste specific attributes between multiple clips. A new interface allows you to see the source clip and choose exactly which effects you want to transfer.

Flexible Clip Connections
Control how Connected Clips respond to changes in your timeline. Choose to keep them connected to clips as you edit or — with a simple modifier key — have them remain in place when slipping, sliding, or moving clips in the Primary Storyline.

XML 1.2 with Metadata Import and Export
Enjoy richer integration when moving projects and media between applications. XML 1.2 includes new standard metadata fields such as Reel. And Final Cut Pro X XML now includes custom project and media metadata, so you can import from — and export to — third-party apps and media asset management systems.

Edit multicam projects faster than ever before with a collection of innovative features. Select videos and photos, then create a Multicam Clip by automatically syncing different angles based on time of day, timecode, markers, or audio waveforms. You can change, add, or delete camera angles at any time and work with different formats, frame sizes, and frame rates without conversion. When it’s time to cut your multicam project, simply click in the Angle Viewer or use keyboard shortcuts to switch between video and audio on the fly. You can even combine audio channels from multiple cameras with a click.

New Range Selection Functions
Speed up your workflow by creating, preserving, and exporting ranges in the Event Browser. You can even maintain multiple ranges on a single source clip.

One-Step Freeze Frame
Create a freeze frame from your timeline or from source media in your event and add it to your project with a single keystroke.

Drop Shadow
Add dimension to text and objects by applying a drop shadow right in Final Cut Pro. Use intuitive onscreen controls to adjust position, edge falloff, angle, and more. Or access the Inspector for a complete set of adjustments. A 3D-lighting model dynamically adjusts shadow orientation for a realistic perspective.

Enhanced Compound Clips
Compound Clips are now automatically saved to the Event Browser, making it easy to consolidate edits and reuse them in multiple projects. And Compound Clips work just like Multicam Clips, so changes you make in the Event Browser instantly appear wherever the clips are used.

Optimized for MacBook Pro with Retina Display
Final Cut Pro X has been optimized to work beautifully on the MacBook Pro with Retina display. So on the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display you can view your video in pixel-accurate 1080p HD and see your editing workspace onscreen at the same time. The processor, graphics, and memory in MacBook Pro with Retina display are built around an all-flash architecture — giving you unprecedented mobile video editing power in Final Cut Pro X. Smoothly edit multicam projects with up to nine streams of 1080p ProRes 422 (HQ) content or up to four streams of 1080p uncompressed 8-bit video, right from your internal flash storage.