Apple at NAB 2007 – One Week Out

With only a week until the big Apple announcement at NAB, the anticipation is building to tremendous heights. At the end of Mach I made some predictions, and I would like to briefly update them.

The 8-Core Mac Pro, done. Didn’t happen at NAB just as expected. Glad we get to see it though.

Final Cut Pro 6 (Final Cut Studio) will be announced and will probably be shipping in May or June. Cool new features will be added to the suite, and I think that something will happen with the whole Shake thing. A new app perhaps, added to the suite. Hard to tell, it is Apple after all. But there will definitely be something going on with Shake/Phenomenon.

I do not see Final Cut Extreme coming to light, however much like Xsan, we may see a high end solution for project and media management. This would be designed for large studios and production facilities that are running Xsan.

Keep in mind that Apple has included third party announcements in there NAB presentations in the past. This includes the Panasonic HD (DVCPRO HD) codec (FCP 4.5) and the AJA Io. The industry is constantly changing and companies have to work extremely fast to keep up.

FYI – I am posting this exactly one week before the Apple announcement at NAB, to the minute.