An Easy VPN Solution, Unlock the Power of Hamachi

I recently discovered Apple’s Remote Desktop application, an expensive program but a true gem, especially when managing multiple computers from remote locations. I have also found that it is an invaluable tool for trouble shooting other peoples computers. But this is where a problem occurs. When dealing with computers at my office, it is easy to gain access, but other locations, like homes, are much more changeling. It is hard to tell just how home users are setup. Or if the user is behind a firewall that they don’t control, or many other complex situations.

Well all of this means that a VPN will need to be set up, and that is no fun at all. Enter Hamachi! An zero config VPN program for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Hamachi is a truly useful and easy to use application. Its setup is cake, and I mean that. Simply download the software and install. Then create a network, and that is it.

Because the version of Hamachi for the the Mac is command line only a great guy has programed a GUI for Hamachi on the Mac, Hamachi X. Hamachi X adds a really great feature, that lets you invite other users to your network via email. This is really useful if you are dealing with users that really have no idea what they are doing. Not that Hamachi X is hard to run.


Now the bad news. Unfortunately, at the time of this post, Hamachi it is not really working on Intel Macs. The good news is that Hamachi X is a Universal Binary, so when the code gets updated it should just work.

Normally I would walk you through the steps necessary to set up Hamachi X. But the documentation you can find here, does a really good job.  This software is really worth a close look.