AJA Releases Drivers for Final Cut Pro X

AJA v10.2 “X Beta” drivers are now available for download, enabling Io XT and the latest KONA cards to be used with the new beta broadcast monitoring feature available in Final Cut Pro x 10.0.3. Support for Io Express and Io HD is coming soon.

AJA has prepared a document that explains how editors can use AJA products with this latest version of Final Cut Pro X. Please click here to download the PDF document by itself. For tape-based capture and playback of Final Cut Pro X material, AJA offers the AJA VTR Xchange application.

The v10.2 X Beta zip archive contains driver software, AJA Control Panel, AJA VTR Xchange and documentation. v10.2 X Beta requires the use of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Please be sure to read thoroughly the documentation included in the v10.2 X Beta download to ensure proper use.