New AJA KONA v3.4 Software Available Now

Available today at the Support section of our website is new version 3.4 software for the KONA lineup. New features and fixes include:

New Features

Support added for 1080p23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30. This includes rebuilding of current Easy Setups and adding new ones to the “Additional Easy Setups” posted on the AJA web site. (KONA 3, KONA 2, and KONA LH).

  • Custom support added for SoundMaster / VirutalVTR integration.
  • Custom support added in VideoOut component to download a graphic into the downstream keyer (DSK) frame buffer (KONA 3).
  • Added sound source selector (Frame Buffer or Video In) for use when the downstream keyer is active (KONA 3).

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved KONA LH Video+Key operation.
  • Improved vertical edge filtering on down-convert (KONA 3, KONA 2 and KONA LH).
  • Improvements to audio output quality (ALL)
  • Improved 3:2 cadence in Edit-to-tape operation when laying off 29.97 from a 23.98 timeline (ALL)
  • Improved captures from Millennium Telecines (KONA 3).
  • 1080psf23.98 to 525i29.97 downconvert on output improved (KONA 3, KONA 2 and KONA LH).

NOTE: There is important configuration and installation information contained in the READ-ME, so please be sure to read it completely.

KONA v3.4 software can be found here:

Please be sure to download the appropriate software package for each KONA product type (KONA 3, KONA LH, etc.), and to fully read the enclosed READ-ME, which contains important installation and configuration information.