2008. There’s Something in the Air. Macworld Banners.

It’s just day before Macworld, we all know that Steve Jobs will take the stage Tuesday morning and unveil what his team at Apple have been working on. Ironically, it is quite possible one of the best kept secrets. Even Apple employees are surprised.

So what do these banners mean? “2008. There’s Something in the Air”

Chances are they mean nothing. There’s Something in the Air is generic enough to create buzz, which it’s already doing, and comment of the general feelings of excitement at a show like Macworld. However, Apple has eluded to new products with these types of banners in the past. The announcement of the iPod Shuffle and Life is Random Banners. But let’s not forget the last Apple event where they sent out invitation reading The Beat Goes On. Of course many jumped to the conclusion that the Beetles were going to be announced on iTunes. That was not the case.

All of Apple’s products have wireless support, except for the iPods (with the exception of the touch). Chances are Apple with make a point of this weather it be with a new thinner notebook, or iTunes movie rentals. Watching movies while they steamed wirelessly would be cool. Just remember that the reality distortion field has already been turned on.