Miami’s Dolphin Stadium, home of this year’s Super Bowl, installs the largest number of Panasonic 103″ Plasmas

(CREATIVE COW – Miami, FL — January 3, 2006) Miami’s Dolphin Stadium recently added eight 103″ full high definition professional plasma displays to its exclusive Club Level accommodations as part of a large-scale renovation and expansion. Offering fans a thrilling game viewing experience, Panasonic’s TH-103PF9UK provides a close-up view of the game on the field as well as other live sports broadcasts, so fans miss none of the fast-paced NFL action.

Dolphin Stadium, the site of Super Bowl XLI on Feb. 4, 2007, is a premier sports and entertainment venue and enhancements in its current renovations include expansion of the stadium by 360,000 square feet and the addition of more concessions, restaurants, clubs and lounges, as well as updated amenities throughout its exclusive Club Level.

After first seeing the 103″ plasma, Chad Messina, Director of Operations for Dolphin Stadium, assessed that it would be the perfect display choice for the stadium’s premier guests.

“We considered both plasma and LCD, but we couldn’t get the size options we wanted with LCD – the largest size available at the time [80″] was much smaller than our current projection system,” said Messina. “And the performance of the 103″ plasma is superb — you can see every single detail from the game and scoreboard.”

He added, “With the Panasonic 103″ 1080p plasmas, we knew we would be able to provide our fans with a deluxe viewing experience. Our Club Level guests are enjoying crisp, beautiful high-definition images, plus we’re able to show up to nine different games on just one 103″ panel.”

“Previously, we had a projector set-up using the Avid Tech system that played out multiple cable sources,” said Messina. “The projectors were aging, and consequently the images weren’t as clean and crisp as we wanted. Also, you couldn’t see footage projected on the lower third of the screen due to the subdued lighting of our Club Level.”

The Club Level includes 240 executive suites for VIPs including executives, sponsors, season ticket holders and visiting team owners. The 103″ plasma displays are installed in the main lounge and bar areas throughout the section.

“The 103″ plasmas displays are all connected by fiber optic cable,” said Messina. “In addition to the two displays that show the nine-split feeds, we have the others set up to show everything running on the stadium scoreboards on the field, including game action and replays, in-game features, cheerleaders, fans and more.”

The plasma displays are controlled from a separate high-definition control room on the Club Level.

“Going from a projector to large high-definition plasma displays has been like night and day,” said Messina. “The improvement in image quality is dramatic. The typical response from club level guests passing by the 103” plasma is “wow.'”

The TH-103PF9UK, the world’s largest plasma, provides stunning widescreen progressive display featuring full HD pixel resolution of 1,920 horizontal x 1,080 vertical and a contrast ratio of 4,000:1 on an effective display area of approximately 89″ wide by 50″ high. Equivalent in size to four 50-inch Panasonic plasma displays, the TH-103PF9UK displays vivid, crisp images with high-contrast and rich, deep blacks in 1080/60p/50p, 1080/60i/50i/24p/24sF/25p/30p, 1080/50i, 720/60p/50p 480/60i/p, and 575/50i/p video signals.

The TH-103PF9UK features Panasonic’s signature built-in, multi-function slots that allow users to easily add and update the display with different combinations of optional boards to meet practically any application. The 103″ model comes standard with three interchangeable slots, a TY-FB9DD DVI board (compatible with UXGA input), a TY-42TM6A analog component board, an integrated D-sub15 PC input and an integrated D-sub9 RS232C interface. The unit also features built-in functions such as image-enlarging and advanced dual picture mode for powerful multi-feed systems.

For information on how to order the TH-103PF9UK, please call 1-800-528-8601.

From the industry’s highest picture quality to the industry’s most versatile application options, Panasonic professional plasmas offer seamless integration in virtually any AV, IT or interactive environment with an ultra-stylish design that looks great even when the panel is turned off. Only Panasonic offers the widest range of plasma sizes, from 37″ to the world’s largest plasma panel at 103″. For more information on Panasonic professional plasma displays and a listing of authorized dealers, visit our web site at

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