CalDigit’s HDElement launched at NAB 2008

Placentia, California – April, 9, 2008. Las Vegas Nevada, NAB 2008 The HDElement is the compact 4 – bay storage you’ve been waiting for. From professional content creators to educated amateurs, CalDigit understands that people are always looking for affordable storage solutions the HDElement was built with these people in mind.


Working in conjunction with the CalDigit RAID card, the HDElement is a 100% hardware RAID
based product.

“Our customers had been asking for a 4 bay RAID 5 external storage solution capable of the high bandwidth requirements of editing Uncompressed HD with, for some time now”, said Jon Schilling, Sales Manager of CalDigit. “We responded to these needs by manufacturing the HDElement RAID 0,1,5,6 & JBOD storage solution product.”

The HDElement gives you room to grow. You can connect up to 3 HDElements to the CalDigit RAID card, as your workloads increase, so does your storage. The HDElement is also bootable, starting up from your RAID volume can also give you mobility when you need to take your footage and system with you to another location.

Management, Migration and Expansion are easy, with CalDigit’s RAID Shield GUI. Managing your drives, running performance checks and monitoring your system are a snap. In the event of any errors, alerts or changes to the RAID array an e-mail notification is sent to you immediately.

Software RAID cards use the internal processing power of your host computer’s CPU. The CalDigit Hardware RAID card frees up your computer’s processor to do what you need it to do – run your applications and OS. This allows you to work with more fluidity without slowing you or your workstation’s processor down. Hardware RAID, as on the CalDigit RAID card, is possible because of a dedicated Intel processor, and 256MB of built-in cache memory. This gives true hardware RAID capabilities. Utilizing the PCI-e expansion slots in the latest MacPro or PC machines, the CalDigit RAID card offers unrivaled performance and protection for the capturing, storing and editing of large HD media files and content creation.

The new HDElement – 4 bay external drive enclosure, with RAID 0,1,5,6 & JBOD connected through external mini-sas) is capable of speeds of 350MB/s. You can achieve sustained speeds of 500MB/s when connecting multiple units. The HDElement also features CalDigit’s ASTT, (Active Sustained Transfer Technology), to keep your performance sustained and in check.

Retailing at 99 cents a GB, the HDElement is your new storage solution.

All CalDigit’s products support a variety of software applications and have been validated by Matrox Video Group, Blackmagic Design and Media 100.