New iPhone Black?

There has been speculation of a new iPhone for the last several months. I think it’s safe to make the assumption that something is only the way. The WWDC is almost here, and we know the iPhone will be a major focus. We also know that the iPhone App store will be like here soon too. These are major developments by themselves, but there have been numerous rumblings about a new and probably 3G iPhone.

The fact of the matter is that we never know what Apple might do. Even when the tell us what they are going to do, they have a tendency to surprise us.

Lets face it, the iPhone is pretty darn good they way it is. It have room for improvement, but there is not much it’s missing. 3G support, possibly GPS (although I don’t see this as necessary for this device), and the ability to add third party apps. We all know that this is coming, but what about the from factor change?

Rumors of a black iPhones have been the newest talk. Recently an AT&T web pages depicted the option to purchase an “iPhone Black”. While none of this necessarily means anything, it is only logical to assume that the next iPhone will in fact have some form factor, possibly color, changes. Apple is always improving it’s products.

So we here at Geeky Mac think that we will see a small improvement to the iPhone soon. The third party application support will make exciting phone to be almost like a new one. Apple does not have to do much to improve the iPhone right now, the 3G support and third party applications should by them a ton of time.