Mid March Apple Updates

Apple’s year started off with a bang, the introduction of the iPhone.  Secondly the already announced Apple TV was ready for prime time, or at least almost.  But here, in the middle of March, it looks like we may actually see the first products to ship this year.  Several sources are sighting that the Apple TV is just about out the door, and it looks as though iPhone components will be shipping in April.

The most exciting aspect of this year, is what we know will come.  Leopard is one the way, it is almost guaranteed that will will also see some new hardware.  And Apple is hosting a special event at NAB, this is almost a certain sign that there will be new versions of the Pro apps.  On the other hand, I think that we will see a pause with the iPod until the iPhone gets out.  But know matter how you look at it, this will surely be an exciting year from Apple.

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