Macworld 2008 & What May Come

With Macworld just around the corner, a slew of new rumors have surfaced. Of course they all pertain to what Steve Jobs may reveal at his Macword keynote on January 15th. Among these many rumors, two in particular stand out. An update to the iPhone firmware adding many new features and movie rentals on iTunes.

Both of these rumors are rather likely to occur, and very exciting for several reasons. There has been a lot of news about how video is not selling on the internet. Some numbers say that iTunes is not doing well in that department, and Wal-Mart has even closed there online video store. Rentals could change this dramatically. While not a new concept, Apple will be able to bring this to the masses better than others. What is really powerful about this model is that not only will you be able to watch movies on your TV, but your phone or iPod.

The iPhone update will be significant because it looks as though it will contain many new features. We also know that Apple will be releasing a software development kit for the iPhone in early 2008. While a lot of people are looking for a 2nd generation iPhone, maybe 3G, chances are slim. Several reports have come out showing that speed is not greatly improved and battery life is dramatically decreased. Also AT&T has very little coverage, making the majority of iPhone uses not able to take advantage anyway. Although AT&T is widening their coverage and things could change quickly.

Another major rumor is of the preverbal ultra portable mac. This is one of those rumors that sounds cool, but is not practical nor likely. While Apple may make a smaller more efficient MacBook, it is unlikely that is will be everything some rumors are making it out to be.

So it looks like we will have an interesting Macworld this year. Here are Geeky Mac’s predictions:

iTunes update – movie rentals, new features (including software/firmware update for TV and iPod)
iPhone update – firmware update with new features
Mac update – update processors in most of the Mac line, possible MacBook/MacBook Pro redesign, smaller form factor
Leopard update – general update to Leopard

Because there is really nothing new, there will be a lot of focus on the Mac feature set and integration into everyday life. And of course, we may get a surprise. However, the iPhone and Leopard still need significant work and it looks like Apple will be focusing on improving these products. But it is still very likely that there will be new Macs (or at least updated) announced at Macworld.