iTunes Movie Rentals?

A few Mac rumor sites, have pointed out that there is some evidence of a forthcoming movie rental service in the latest version of iTunes (7.5). While this is nothing concrete, Apple stands to gain a lot with such a service.

Between the Mac, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, and now the iPod Nano, video is readily available on all your Apple devices. Front Row is now included with Leopard, making it a part of all Macs. While this does not provide any evidence of a movie rental service, it shows how Apple has posed themselves to allow the consumer to enjoy video wherever they are.

Now all Apple has to do, is show the consumer that it is easier to rent a movie via iTunes, rather than at the store or online. They did it with music, surly they can succeed here. But because of all of their devices the consumer, has that many more ways to watch.

Say I rent a movie to watch on a long flight. Download it to my before my trip, and also sync it to my iPhone for the flight. Turns out that I know the person sitting next to me, and we end up talking for the entire flight. But as I get to the hotel, I can still watch the movie on either my iPhone or my Mac. But lets say that I don’t get a chance, I can then watch it when I get home on my big screen via the Apple TV. Sure I could have carried a disc around with me, but I may have had to return it, and it would have involved a lot of effort to rip it onto my iPhone.

Of course while all of these thing sound compelling, Apple has to tackle two major obstacles. The technology, which Apple should be easily able to handle. But the hardest will be the greedy movie studios. Let just hope they realize, that consumers will watch more of their movies, if they are easy for them to get.

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