Final Cut Pro Tip #031

Final Cut Pro Tip #031 – Browser Columns, In & Out

The in and out columns in the Final Cut browser window represent the in and out point of a clip. It is the media start and stop that represent the actual media or clip duration. Therefore the media start and stop points cannot be changed as they belong to the point where the actual clips starts and stops. Sometimes this can get confusing, but this can also be very powerful.

If you need to change the in or out points of a large amount of clips, FCP lets you do this quite easily. When a group of clips are selected you can right click on the in or out column to get a contactual menu. There you will find many options such as clear item in (or out). Selecting this will apply to all the highlighted clips. This is a great way to quickly change these points when necessary. Also note, that if the in and out points are listed as not set, they will default to the media in and out points.