Final Cut Pro Tip #004

Final Cut Pro Tip #004 – Shift Scroll

I need to get this tip out there before it becomes ancient history. Several newer mice, such as the Apple Mighty Mouse, already take advantage of this, but it you have just a plain old scroll wheel mouse then this tip is for you.

We are all used to vertical scrolling, we use it on web pages and in the FCP Browser, but how do we scroll horizontally on the FCP timeline? It’s easy just hold down the shift key and scroll, now everything moves left and right instead of up and down. Of course, as I mentioned, the Mighty Mouse (and I am sure there are other brands that do this as well) have the functionality built in, which makes thing a bit more efficient. But it is still a great time saver when you don’t have one of those new mice. This technique also works throughout the Mac, in the OS and any app that supports scrolling.