CalDigit Now Shipping The 1st FireWire RAID Configurable Storage Solution

(January 5, 2006 Placentia, CA) CalDigit proudly announces that the FireWireVR RAID is shipping. This new unit allows for the universal connectivity of FireWire 400, 800, and USB 2.0 without the need of additional cards. The FireWire VR allows for RAID settings of 0, 1, and JBOD.

Controls for the different RAID settings are right on the box. The unit runs very cool due to a ballbearing fan & venting, that allows airflow through the unit. The FireWireVR product utilizes SATA 3Gb/s drives with 16MB’s cache per drive to meet the high-speed demands of application, such as with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. Unliike our competitor’s products which experience poor performance when daisy chaining additonal units, the FireWireVR can be daisy chained to other FireWireVR units without performance loss, thanks to new technology which enables multiple FireWireVR units to be daisy chained without peformance loss.

Under performance mode, the FireWireVR, equipped with our latest RAID engine, can handle 2 streams of 10 bit uncompressed SD, & 3 streams of 8 bit uncompressed SD, 1 stream more than any competitors’ products.

Unlike other companies’ RAID 1 products, the FireWireVR product takes the place of other FireWire solutions that may have RAID functionality but fail to deliver when a mirrored drive is down. “You can’t rebuild on a dead drive that doesn’t allow for replacement,” said Jon Schilling, Cal Digit’s Account Manager. “Now the user can simply replace a dead drive module and start rebuilding whereas with other products on the market, you’re stuck with a dead drive that can’t be rebuilt and can’t be easily replaced.”

  • Up to 1.5TB capacity
  • Progressive, Rugged Modular Design
  • Quiet Ball Bearing Fan / 60 W Power Supply / Drive Module
  • Aluminum Housing for Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • Multiple Interfaces: FW 400,800, USB 2.0
  • RAID functionality RAID 0,1 & JBOD
  • Swappable Drive Modules

Each FireWireVR unit ships with an achieving box. This padded box allows for storage of additional drive modules for your projects in the same form factor as vertical-standing VHS tapes. Since most computer users already have shelving systems in place for their entertainment centers or media storage, they can simply utilize existing storage to keep projects organized.

See this great product at Macworld at CalDigit’s booth 2426

CalDigit Inc is a manufacturer of affordable, quality SATA II 3Gb/s RAID products. CalDigit is located in Orange County, California at 1941 Miraloma Avenue, Suite B, Placentia, CA 92870. For further information, please contact or visit our website at