Apple Event At NAB?

Macworld is reporting on the possibility of an Apple event, Sunday April 15, 2007. The mention that no details are available at this time.

final-cut-pro.pngOver the past several years Apple has held a somewhat traditional presentation before the start of NAB. Usually Sunday evenings, which unfortunately, was changed to Sunday mornings. At these events, Apple would introduce it’s new pro products. Last year was the first year in a while that there was not a special event, and to somewhat of a surprise there were really no new “pro” product announcements.

This year Apple will have at least two new products to show, and updated Final Cut Studio and Phenomenon, the new Shake replacement. While not set in stone, it is only the obvious progression that we can expect from Apple. Rumors are still circulating that we many see high end version of FCP, possible with new features from Apple recent acquisitions.  If this information is correct we will know on Sunday April 15, 2007.